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Youth & Young Adult Wellness Community

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  Foster Wellness Community was founded in Spring, Texas, as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization by Eddrena Foster.

Eddrena has been a foster parent for over 10+ years and a pastor for over 10+ years before expanding her care for their community.

Because of numerous distressing reasons, many children and youth in our community live in alternate homes away from their natural birth parents, including foster care and kinship care. These young people are at extreme risk of life-long poverty, homelessness, substance abuse, early death, and unproductive or under-productive lives. Thirty percent of male foster care alumni are incarcerated by 19 years of age. Nearly half of all girls who lived in foster care are pregnant by age 19, many producing children who join the cycle of abuse and neglect. Foster Wellness Community is dedicated to helping these at-risk children and youth transition to better lives.

Foster Wellness Community's Transitional Living Program offers young people who have aged out of foster care a safe, temporary residence as they transition into society. Each year 200-300 youth age out of foster care in the greater Houston area. The majority of these young people lack the necessary life skills to make the next steps to becoming productive adults. Nearly fifty percent of these young people end up homeless because they have no support system. Over fifty percent do not have a job. Many have not graduated from high school. Additionally, most do not have a driver’s license, basic life skills, or a life plan. Foster Wellness Community offers GED tutoring, job opportunities, life skills training, and assists in helping these youth develop a life plan that will provide them with the necessary skills to become productive adults, enhancing their lives and our community.

The goal of Foster Wellness Community is to help children and youth achieve their full potential in spite of the obstacles placed on them by broken families and a broken system.

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